BBTAN after 30 Minutes – What happens? What should happen? So What?

I did a game review of a game BBTAN, by 111%.  As a part of my after hours group I also present games and deconstruct them to discuss what they did right and wrong.

This game has a timer on the screen that counts down from 30 mins.  I got a lot of people in the room asking, What happens after 30 minutes?  Do you win?  Is the game over?

Watch the video below to see what actually happens.


[Spoilers Below]








So what do you think?  Was it a masterful troll job by the developer?

Or a brilliant technique to make people find what happens?

Post comments on the YouTube Video.


Free 2 Play Game Deconstruction Series on YouTube

I started a game deconstruction series on YouTube where I break down Free 2 Play titles.



So far I have only done a few games.  Idle Heroes, BBTAN, Scale, and Ballz.  But I will add more over time.

The purpose is to look at the game from a game design / mechanic standpoint.  What works, and what doesn’t?  Lots of games are missing some small tweaks that could have a big impact on player engagement.


More coming soon

I am moving my blog, resetting my twitter to match, and lots of other social media changes for me.

I have used the @InfiniteCodex and for the past 7+ years.  The mission of both of them has changed quite a bit over that time.  I decided that now is the time to reboot my social media self for a specific purpose.  This site will be about the indie games that I create, and the presentations I do around Indie Gaming in general.  Could also slip in some game analysis and other things that I find interesting.

Gaming is a hobby for me.  I did used to be a commercial professional game developer.  Back in 1996 I was the lead developer for HeliCOPS, and a number of smaller games published here in the US and Japan.  I don’t do that style of games anymore (big budget, big risk).  Now I teach people how to make games at Code Camps and at the Microsoft Garage after hours.  And I build little games for myself as a hobby.  No aspirations to get back to the full time game gig.  This is a pure fun thing for me.  I like to write code, and I like games.  I will explore what those two things mean in this blog over time.